Small, very loving and active little girl, who has the sweetest personality. Loves, loves, loves playing with all the other dogs, gets on with old and young and her fun character is infectious. Her recall is good and she walks well on a lead and harness. Far too interested in the fosterer’s cats, so we will say not cat friendly. Will definitely need to go to a home with another playful resident dog(s). In foster in Lincolnshire and very ready to find her forever home.


Ownership relinquishment for this faithful Breton at the age of 10. He’s arrived into his foster home in Lincolnshire and he’s quite a big boy, but what a gentle, loving chap he is! Loves everyone! Quite keen on getting a bit more informal with the cats, so will say, not cat friendly, but happy around all the other dogs and loves, loves, love people. I think this is what makes it that bit more tragic. He is so very loyal, yet dumped in the kill station. We know that Bretons live up to 15/16 years of age, so he needs a home that can offer him love, good exercise and yet more love. He is microchipped, vaccinated, castrated, wormed, flead and has an EU Passport.


3 year old show cocker CYRILLE has had a bit of a tottering time over the last year. He was a foster to adopt boy when he arrived in the UK this time last year. He was joined by another Breton after a couple of months and then a very unexpected litter of pups. He started showing signs of guarding and had a total loss of confidence. Any new situation sent him into a bit of a meltdown. After 6 months it was decided that he came back under the wing of SOS into a foster home. We thought we had found the right home for him, whilst he needed work, it was an experienced home. But that only lasted a week or so.

He has been in foster with a member of admin for the last 3 months. His confidence has grown exponentially. He lives with a dozen other dogs, 3 cats, teenagers and lots of comings and goings. We have had a couple of incidents of growling and guarding food and bones, but once removed from him, he reverts back to cuddly CYRILLE. He does bark at people and dogs on the walks, so we have been using distraction tactics (treats) and once he realises there is no danger, he calms down. He loves nothing better than hurtling around the garden with other confident dogs and plays a lot. I do feel that having another very confident and balanced dog in the household would assist him with his confidence issues.


This is a spaniel that is going to need a confident family that are willing to continue techniques and assist him in a solid routine that will help him grow. Do you think you could offer him the home he so desperately needs? He is currently in foster in Lincolnshire and microchipped, vaccinated, castrated, wormed, flead and has an EU Passport. Apply online


3 year old Breton, FLAX was in a shelter in Spain. But what really caught our eye was that he had been in that shelter for over 3 years and been there since he was 6 months old. Poor lad, that tugged on our heartstrings, but then we read on. He had come into the shelter at 6 months with bowed back legs because for that 6 months he had been kept in a crate and his legs had buckled into that position. He has arrived into his foster home in Lincolnshire and due to be vet checked by our orthopaedic vet, but whilst his gait is a little different, his legs don’t appear to be affecting him in anyway.

Very loving and happy boy, good with other dogs and older children, looking for a loving home that will be happy with his penchant for dragging his blanket outside to cuddle up on! In foster in Lincolnshire, microchipped, castrated, vaccinated, wormed, flead and has an EU Passport.

Norman 1.jpg

NORMAN - 4-5 years

NORMAN was rescued off the street by a Spanish volunteer. The usual - no chip, no vaccinations, not neutered. Through an ex-pat rescuer in Spain, she reached out to SOS to see if we could help. Looking a little spaniel-ish, we couldn't turn out backs on him.

We think he is around 4-5 years of age and will be coming over to a foster home in the UK in April once microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, wormed and flead.

Candi Fosterer 1.jpg

CANDI - 9 years

Relinquished by her owner at the tender age of 9, presumably surplus to requirements now she isn’t fast enough or breeding enough, so sent to the perrera. Very sweet temperament, very loving. Would be happy in a home on her own to receive all the attention and love! Recall is coming on really well under her foster parents guidance in the UK. Bearing in mind we have rescued Bretons that are 16 years of age, she has half of her life left to enjoy the warmth of a home and a tender touch. In foster in Lincolnshire.


She had found herself homeless in Sevilla and we just couldn’t resist that face! This incredibly active little girl is in foster in Merseyside and loving all the walks and attention. She settled immediately, confident and friendly with everyone she meets. She is microchipped, vaccinated, spayed, wormed and flead and needing a home to call her own again.


Originally exited from a kill station in Malaga, COOPER was adopted in August 2017. What a stunning show cocker he is! He has come back under the wing of SOS after 2 years in adoption due to being stressed living with another dog. He will growl and guard food/toys and despite having help with our behaviourist over the last few months (who has confirmed he is a lovely dog and no real concerns with him), the adoptive families other rescue girl is suffering living with a dominant dog. He is in foster in Lincolnshire living in a houseful of dogs, cats and teenagers. Whilst he does growl over food or being hassled by other dogs, he is quite happy to take himself off and isn’t confrontational.

He needs a family willing to continue the wonderful work carried out thus far, building up his confidence so he isn’t fearful in new situations. He will cuddle for Britain and just needs to live on his own.


Found as a stray in Spain, HERBIE came under the wing of SOS at 9 months. He arrived into the UK February 2019 and stayed with his fosterer. Unfortunately he is trying to be dominant in the household with the other dogs and we feel he would be happier in a home on his own, where he doesn’t have to share love. Still a baby and will need to find a home where the adopters are happy to continue his training. He is a very intelligent boy, who will need an active home and things to stimulate his mind too (canicross, agility?). He has tried some agility and apparently a bit of a whizz at it!

Very cuddly and loving boy - all he wants is love and attention. Could you offer this boy the home he needs? Apply online.


These siblings are very bonded and we will be looking for a home for them together. Owner relinquishment in the UK due to a change in circumstances, JESSIE & ELLIE are a total delight; loving, cuddly, good recall and currently in foster in Cheshire. As of May 2019, neither are vaccinated, spayed and JESSIE needs dental and a tail amputation. We will be carrying out all the veterinary care over the next 6 weeks or so and they will both be ready for adoption together. Can you open your heart and homes to these gorgeous wcs girls?


This gorgeous, loving boy is in foster in E Sussex and has adapted to family life incredibly well. For the first 8 years of his life, he was kept chained in a yard in Spain, so now his life begins.

Cani really is the most gentle and affectionate dog that loves to be around humans. Cani can be left at home for a few hours. He is just a good all rounder; loving with people, good with children and good with other dogs, as well as being cat friendly. Walks well on a harness and lead, fairly good recall and loves chasing around the fields. We think he would be happy with other resident dog(s) or as an only dog with human companionship.

Whoever rehomes Cani will be incredibly lucky as he is an amazing dog. The first half of his life has been dire, so we are desperate to let him share the second half of his life with a family who will adore him as much as his foster mum does! He is microchipped, vaccinated, castrated, wormed and flead. An adoption fee of £180 is applicable.


ESME, a tri colour Breton was rescued in Spain and 10 days later gave birth to a litter of gorgeousness! These pups are currently being prepared for travel to the UK and will be travelling to the UK early July (when they are 4 months old). We have no idea who Dad was, but they look very Breton-ish to us. If you wish to apply for BRUTUS, apply online. Usual adoption process will apply.

luna - 3 YEARS *** RESERVED ***

LUNA was relinquished along with a Breton male and their pup, Becky to a kill station. To see the whole family abandoned was heartbreaking, so the SOS supporters on Facebook managed to raise the £1,500 required to rescue them all. LUNA will be leaving Spain at the beginning of May and going into a UK foster home for assessment. She will be microchipped, vaccinated, spayed, wormed and flead.


Another Breton in the Malaga perrera (with Candi and Higgins), a tiny little boy abandoned by a hunter. Our rescuer in Spain said he just wants to lean and cuddle next to you. Another heartbreaker. He has arrived into his foster home in Hampshire and apparently is tiny! Living with another adopted SOS springer, Annie, he is loving all the walks along the beach. He enjoys the company of another canine, so we will be looking for a home with other resident dog(s). No cats though! A little hard of hearing, but hears a whistle and his recall is coming along really well. Getting more and more confident with each day in his foster home. His foster mum adores him, she is such a cuddle monster, but the cat was living there before he arrives, so must come first.

He will be microchipped, vaccinated, neutered, wormed, flead and has an EU Passport.


UMA is a Breton that has lived her short life on a chain in a yard. Luckily our volunteer in Spain was able to persuade the elderly owner to relinquish to us, so we could offer a life in the UK. Currently in foster in West Lancashire and this is what her foster mum has to say:- “Lovely girl. Very submissive. Instantly friendly with people and other dogs and is a very happy, affectionate and outgoing dog. Housetraining is coming on well, but needs to go outside immediately after eating. Eats well. Is still having pasta with her food, as still underweight”. Her recall needs work and after never knowing when her next meal will ever arrive, she needs to be fed separately, doesn’t share well!

This is a youngster that is pretty much a blank canvas, who will need help guiding and loving over the next few months, but you have a wonderful character and personality, who is so willing to learn and please.


From an absolutely terrified Breton dumped in the kill station, this boy has flourished in foster care waiting for his transport to the UK. He is utterly stunning! He will be prepared for travel (vaccinated, castrated, blood tested, wormed, flead and grab his EU Passport) and arriving into Lincolnshire early June. Could you offer this boy a loving and active home?


No longer wanted by his family in Spain, SOS have offered to find him a 5 Star home in the UK. He will be travelling to the UK end of June and arriving into his foster home in Eastbourne to be assessed. We have been told he is good with other dogs, cats and loves people! He will be microchipped, vaccinated, castrated, wormed, flead and have an EU Passport.