Adoption Procedure

We aim to make the adoption process as simple as possible, but we must carry out sufficient checks to ensure that all our dogs will find the homes they deserve.

Please note: we cannot accept applications from potential owners who work full-time, or families with children under 6 years old.

1) Application

2) Chat with Save our Spaniels Administrator (if applicable)

3) Home Check

4) Chat with Fosterer

5) Meet and greet with all family members and your other dogs at fosterer’s home

6) Adoption (Adoption Fee of £280 adults/£350 for puppies)



breton b.jpg


If you want a dog who...

· Is medium-sized and athletic, agile and light on his feet

· Has a pretty feathered coat

· Loves vigorous exercise

· Is good with strangers

· Is peaceful with other animals

· Is willing to please and excels in a variety of competitive canine activities

Loyal, active, intelligent and very loving.  But are they right for everyone?

Conveniently-sized (usually between cocker and springer size, about 13-15 kg), athletic and agile, the Breton/Brittany loves being with you in the Great Outdoors. He thrives with an active lifestyle of very long walks, trips to the dog park, hiking in the woods and fetch games.  He doesn’t like being left alone too much and needs outlets for his energy, or else you will likely to see hyperactivity and stress.  After off leash exercise, they are calm, loving and quiet in the home and enjoy their home comforts!

When well socialized, most Breton/Brittany are polite and gentle with everyone and peaceful with other animals. But there is timidity and excessive submissiveness in some lines, so early socialization is a must to promote a confident temperament. Most Breton/Brittanys are sensitive dogs with a rather "soft" temperament. They respond best to a calm voice and a light hand on the leash and do not do well in an environment with frequent tension or loud voices.

You can avoid some negative traits by choosing an ADULT dog from a shelter or rescue group. With an adult dog, you can easily see what you're getting, and plenty of adult Breton/Brittanys have already proven themselves not to have negative characteristics.

SOS ADOPTERS on the Breton/Brittany breed:-

Ralph Adopted.jpg


“We were looking for a rescue spaniel when I came across the Save Our Spaniels charity. I had heard of a Breton but didn't know much about them. After chatting to Lucy from admin and doing some research I loved the sound of the breed. We adopted a four month old Breton boy called Ralph in March 2018, and we were not disappointed! They are the most wonderful dogs, submissive, loyal, intelligent, loving, sociable, beautiful and a practical size. Ralph is bouncy outside with excellent recall and as quiet as a mouse in the house, it's like he has an on/off switch, oh and he is a stunning boy too. We are so taken with the Breton that we are looking to adopt another one from SOS. We have had five working cockers prior to Ralph but are now complete Breton converts, they are the most wonderful breed, and we just love them!”