*** BREAKING NEWS *** (Tuesday, 9th April)

JIN & JASMIN are leaving Shanghai Airport this morning to finish their 8,000 km travel to the loving arms of our fosterers in the UK.

The four cockers rescued from the meat market in China have made the 27 hour journey to quarantine kennels in Beijing.  We have funds to rescue JIN & JASMIN, the other two will be under the wing of another rescue.  

The astounding £4,000 raised through Facebook last November has funded their journey.

Chinese Cockers Shanghai.jpg


We don’t knowingly abort pups, so, whilst not ideal in the world of rescue, ESME the breton, who was rescued in February and we think about 7 weeks through her gestational period. She was whisked to our residencia into a quarantine area to give birth to 12 pups. Unfortunately, one was stillborn, but amazingly and with the fabulous support of the residencia team, ESME’s other 11 pups have reached their 19th day birthday (as of 2nd April). Just adorable videos of these bundles of joy (more are available through our Facebook page). Well done ESME!

The pups will be coming over to the UK, once fully vaccinated and passported, mid July and looking for homes.

sos big picnic weekend 12-14 july 2019

Picnic Weekend 2019.jpg


Come and join us! Meet SOS rescues, adopters, fosterers and supporters.

Come for the day or stay the weekend - everyone welcome.

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HUGE THANKS TO “BONE CANIS” MARK BRIDGER-PESCOTT for his continued assistance offering canine behavourial and psychology for SOS rescues that may need some extra support.