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Meet BEAR the breton, our latest rescue exited from the kill station in Spain this morning, Friday, 13th September. Leaving a dog to die a slow death in these kill stations is just not acceptable. We need you to fight back BEAR and we will find you the best home possible in the UK.

LATEST RESCUE - CASSIA 4th August 2019

What a rollercoaster - another country now, Greece. We were alerted to an abandoned spaniel back in June that was living in perilous conditions in the mountains, then coming down to a blind bend on a busy road. Looks like she had been dumped as a pup (7/8 months old) and was fending for herself. How on earth she wasn't run over is a miracle.

The amazing ladies at Diasozo Animal Rescue Team of Karditsa in Greece were tracking her, but she was absolutely terrified of people. For 2 months they left her food and water, but there was no way she would come to them. A plea for a live trap was sent out, but she wasn't keen on that either! Perseverance and huge hearts meant that Ermioni and Katerina hit the mother of all luck yesterday! They added a mild sedation to the food they left and managed to lift her to safety, whilst she snoozled!

She's been vet checked and apart from an ear infection nothing too obvious. Bloods are pending. A massive thank you to Ermioni Giannakou and Katerina for their determination and to Andrew Tomes who has kept us in the loop over the very long 6 weeks!

She will be prepared for travel to the UK and into a SOS foster home. Good day today!


One of our long term fosters due to arthritic back and hips, brought into the kill station on CESE (fast track sacrifice) in Spain by his hunter owner back in May 2017. He was just skin and bones, but the sweetest Breton you could hope to meet! He lives a full and very much loved life in Cheshire with his foster family, SOS will be his back up for life now. Your donations make this possible - thank you.


Just over 3 years ago, a truly emaciated and "broken" cocker came to our attention in a perrera in Spain (first photo). We cried buckets over this boy. He was just a shell. He came over and was adopted by a lovely couple in Sussex and we received an email from them yesterday giving us an update.

“I thought that you and all your followers (and especially those from Cocker Spaniel Rescue days) might like to hear a brief update as to how the ‘Humph’ is getting on. 3 years now since he arrived and he’s a total joy. The poor boy has had plenty of teeth extracted over that time but that didn’t stop him from winning the ‘most photogenic dog’ competition recently held. I swear that he’s the most ‘balanced’ dog we’ve ever had which given his background is remarkable. Not bad for an old lad!

A couple of photos attached and hopefully many more years to come. Keep up the great work SOS. Dogs like Humphrey depend upon it.

Tom & Hazel”


A lovely weekend for our SOS meet up in Bidford upon Avon, Warwickshire. A chance for adopters, fosterers and admin to see old and new rescues enjoying life with their loving families. Merchandise, tombola and raffle to raise funds and the special “Dog Show” kindly judged by our patron, SUE JOHNSTON, actress, who took the time to join in the fun.

BASIL was the “Best in Show” rescue and truly adored by his family who adopted him from SOS earlier this year.

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HUGE THANKS TO “BONE CANIS” MARK BRIDGER-PESCOTT for his continued assistance offering canine behavourial and psychology for SOS rescues that may need some extra support.