We are always looking for fosterers to assess our rescue dogs. They will have lived outside most of their lives and many have never been shown love and kindness, with regular food or a warm bed.  The first week or so can be a challenge, but incredibly rewarding as they learn to love and flourish.

Save Our Spaniels pay for all veterinary care required. We look for people who are patient and able to offer basic training and love.  You do need to be around at least half of each day, have families over 8 years of age and able to assess the rescues in order for us to find them a wonderful home or not, if you fail to part with them as many of our fosterers do. You will receive full admin support and advice, together with assistance from our highly respected behaviourist.


ROB HIGHAMS has fostered a dozen SOS rescues and here’s why:-

“I love fostering, it is incredibly rewarding taking in a scared, abandoned or mistreated spaniel or Breton and showing them that there is another way of life. Seeing them improve with trust, love and time. You see their confidence grow as you watch them turn into a beautiful dog.

Fostering for Save Our Spaniels is great with reliable contacts and all the support and back up you could ever need. You never have to worry about asking for help, it will always be there. You will not regret becoming a fosterer for this amazing charity”.

(some of Rob’s fosters - ANNIE, ALBERT, FIZZY & PEANUT)

KIM PHILLIPS has fostered 6 Bretons:-

“I started fostering for Save our Spaniels in September 2018, having been a member of the Facebook group for a couple of years. After chatting with my lovely husband, we decided that as I am at home for the majority of the time and having four Cocker Spaniels of our own, we were in the position to help an SOS Spaniel learn all about the pleasures in life, after having had such a rough start.

In the six months since September we have fostered six Breton/Brittanys, a breed, which until then, we had little knowledge or experience of. We have been completely bowled over by this loyal, loving and fun breed. Every single Breton we have welcomed, has been full of character and brought plenty of smiles and laughter to our home. So much so, that in December we adopted Marley, our third foster. It is such an amazing and rewarding thing to do and the SOS team are always there with advice and support if we should ever need it.

I shed a few tears every time one of “our” fosters finds their forever home, but we have met lots of lovely people since being involved in this way and the updates that we receive from their new families are heart warming and very rewarding.
Smiles all round!”

(some of Kim’s fosters - MARLEY, LUTHER, WAFFLES & DAWSON)


“Fostering does actually save lives.  If the rescue charity can’t find a fosterer in the UK, exit from the kill station may be delayed or cancelled.  They are the backbone of the organisation.  Having fostered over 150 SOS rescue dogs and met many more, it is a complete mystery how these abused, abandoned and beaten dogs love humans so much.  They flourish in a home environment within days and the ones that need the extra tlc take a larger piece of your heart away with them, when they are rehomed.  Please consider fostering, SOS Admin support will be with you every step of the way”.

(Some of Laura’s fosters - TRAVIS, SIDNEY, LILY & COCO)

SHARON DOBBS has fostered a dozen SOS rescues:-

“When I thought about fostering, I wondered if I would be able to do it? I doubt it very much!

It’s been over 2 years now and I’ve fostered a dozen or so, some easy, some not so, it can be tricky teaching them to trust, how to be a dog and to know that there is a much, much better and happier way to live. Then you start to see them flourish in your care, which is indescribable. People say its fulfilling, rewarding and it is, but also so much more than that. There can be lots of tears; sad tears when they arrive in a pitiful state, happy tears when they find their forever home and yet more sad tears when they leave, breaking your heart a little. But it’s all worth it! By helping just one dog, you are making a difference, especially to that one dog”.

(Some of Sharon’s fosters - RUFUS, ZAC, ANGEL & BAILEY)